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Super clear tape is without a doubt one of the most widely used types of adhesive tapes in the world. Super clear tape is categorized as a pressure-sensitive tape, meaning that the adhesive properties of the tape are enacted by nothing more than putting pressure on the tape when applied. Typical uses of this type of tape include packing and shipping as well as moving and storage.

BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) film is mainly used in the production of super clear tape. This thermoplastic polymer film provides perfect clarity and a smooth surface. Due to the flatness and stability of the material used it becomes easy to use and have water-resistant capabilities. Moreover, it is also grease and oil resistant. If you need this tape then contact us. We are the Super Clear Tape Manufacturer in Delhi that offers full length super clear tape for industrial as well as for packaging industries.

An emulsion based acrylic material is used for the adhesive aspect of super clear tape and furthermore, the non-adhesive side of BOPP film is comprised of the release agent which makes tape easy to manipulate and work with. Priming material is utilized on the side where the adhesive will be applied to stimulate bonding with the film. After the completion of the priming process, the adhesive in the form of liquid is applied to film in thin layers and rolled into long, high-temperature ovens to finish the process. The liquid ultimately evaporates after the adhesive liquid sits in the hot ovens and only the adhesive will left.

Though super clear tape adhesive comes in various widths, the most common size is of width 48mm or 1.88 inches. The normal length of an average roll of super clear adhesive is about 50 meters. It is best for long-term storage due to its versatility and utility. The major quality of the super clear tape is that it will not become brittle or turn yellow with years like other inferior tape products. This is resistant to UV rays and keeps its elasticity for the longest time.

This also allows you to write upon with permanent markers. Besides such practicality feature, it is lightweight but can resist pressure without breaking. With such outstanding features, the super clear tape becomes the most widely used in the home as well as in the office. If you also need an adhesive solution that is transparent and clear, the perfect solution for you is super clear tape. Being the best Super Clear Tape Manufacturer in India, we offer high quality, and best strength super clear packing tape at affordable prices.

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