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Most people don’t put very much thought into packing tape. It is simply a product they run to the store to purchase when they need to seal some boxes to ship or to move, and there are only a few things people want from their packing tape: 1) it sticks, and 2) it is easily torn. But the truth is, not all packing tapes are created the same. Printed packing tape can create a custom look for packages or boxes you are shipping while providing a quality adhesive that stays put and is easy to use.

Printed Tapes reflects the personality of your organization and helps you in branding. We are the ideal manufacturer of Printed Packing Tape in Delhi that will not only help you in packages of boxes you are shipping but also help you to market your company brand. When the customer sees printed tape of your company logo or something that represents your company will create your brand image in the mind of your customers.

Our printed tapes are customized with the printing content and can be modified as per the client’s requirement. We utilize the finest quality of raw materials in accordance with the international quality standards for developing printed packing tape. We offer the variety of colors, and sizes of Printed Packing Tape in India to meet the client's needs at reasonable rates.

    Salient Features:
  • Finest quality and finish
  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • Smooth texture
  • Easy to roll out
  • There are generally two types of messages you can get printed over tape namely custom messages and pre-printed messages. Let’s see the difference between these two:

    Custom Messages

    There are several custom messages that can be added to your printed tape. Businesses can take advantage of marketing by using this kind of advertising as we have described above using a logo to the product being shipped can prove very beneficial for adding value to your business.

    Custom messages can involve the contents of the package, storage directions, care instructions for specific businesses. For some special purposes, printed packing tape can involve special messages for some kind of special events like weddings and birthdays.

    Pre-Printed Messages

    Pre-printed messages are the standard type of messages that are often seen on various types of packing tape. This type of messages on printed packing tape is used for all-purpose.

    There are various other kinds of printed packing tape to serve your shipping requirements which comes in different textures, materials, and adhesive types. Printed packing tapes serve various needs right from the personal to the industrial needs of packing. We can customize it as per your specific needs or you can get pre-printed with standard warnings.

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