Paper Tube

Paper tube

Industry Applications

Paper Cores for winding toilet tissue paper, telex rolls, fax rolls, kraft paper, newsprint etc.

Bundling Cores to wind metalized foil, polyester films, and BOPP tapes.

Material Yarn bearer for carpet yarn winding, POY winding, DTY winding, open-end turning, texture and jute winding, non-woven textures.

Other include stockpiling tubes, common development cores, thermocouple tubes, electronic cores, pyrotechnic cores and mailing tubes.

We have practical experience in parallel paper tubes (convoluted) which has an extensive variety of utilization.

Our paper tubes come in various sizes of breadth and length. We offer a huge variety of colors to fit all events. We can even custom print the outside with a message of your organization logo. Built with the super quality paper material, these sacks are totally recyclable items and is an extraordinary decision for environmentally cordial bundling.

AThe idea of eco-accommodating pens increasing wide acknowledgment around the world, we make paper tubes, which replaces the plastic parts of pens making it environment-friendly.

Tubes and Cores

Initially fabricated from a blend of reused paperboard, wood pulp fiber, and post-purchaser content, paper tubes, and cores are regularly thought to be Eco-Accommodating Reused items from their initiation. Paper Tube and cores go much greener by recuperating, reconfiguring and coming back to showcase these eco-accommodating items for Re-Utilize.

Have a look at our products and services:

  • Mailing Tubes
  • Capacity Tubes
  • Transportation Tubes
  • Fabric/Textile Tubes

  • Film Cores
  • Custom Pallets
  • Converting Cores
  • Tape and Label Cores

Tape, Wrap, and Waxed Cores

Utilize our paper cores to wrap your material outwardly whether it is:

Paper, Tape, Plastic, Cover, Flooring, Printing, Steel. This will make transporting your material substantially simpler for your business and your customers. Our cores can be produced to withstand high measures of weight and weight or to disintegrate and squander away like they were not even there. Waxed cores are shielded from the components and are water safe. These are good for outdoor application.

Paper Tubes/Containers

OOne approach to ship your item is to utilize paper tubes or containers. We have the ability to do different mailing tubes in numerous sizes with an assortment of end terminations to secure the material that you are shipping. All containers can be made per particular for your 'custom' needs.

  • Metal or Plastic Plugs
  • Snap and Seal/Creased Closures
  • Tin Seamed Ends (Cans) (Cans)
  • Telescoping Tubes

We have an awesome affinity with providers to acquire plastic end caps and metal end stops relying upon the application you need to have.

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