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Marking tape is widely used for color coding and for floor applications – thin yet consistent at the same time (this tape has an average thickness of 0.030 inches), the marking tape is especially designed to withstand high traffic. This tape is very durable and it can be easily applied to retro-plate floors as well as to conventional concrete/asphalt.

Floor marking tape is widely used in those industries or factories that involves forklift or foot traffic. This tape works as a safety sign to create a safer environment. We are the renowned manufacturer and supplier of the Floor Marking Tape in Delhi that can help you lay out paths for factories, warehouses, foot traffic and forklift drivers. We offer a wide range of colors in floor marking tape. These tapes are made of various different materials involving vinyl and PVC and differ in thickness to provide the huge range of durability options. Most of the floor marking tapes have hazard patterns to meet the several safety standards. Even some tapes that are made with greater reflectivity glow in the dark.

Moreover, these tapes are also helpful for the workers as is it the perfect guidance for them to place the equipment and materials back in the appropriate place. In this way, there are fewer chances of mistakes and productivity will increase as there will be distinctions between the raw goods, finished goods, to be repaired goods and equipment. Floor marking tapes have replaced the paints and much easier and quicker to install. Paints might scratch off but our floor tapes are break resistant.

Reasons to Use Floor Tape

Rapid Installation & Less Maintenance:

We provide the floor tape that has a strong adhesive backing and it’s also easy to maintain as it doesn’t tear from the machine or foot traffic.

Easy to Remove & Reposition:

This tape is flexible enough to sustain the changes to a workflow. If you need to remove this tape or reposition it to some other place then you can do it easily. Floor tape comes out easily.

Useful for Various Applications & Products:

Floor tape is not only used as a floor marking solution and not limited to a warehouse floor. It is also used in various floor marking products for the specific application such as pallet corner markings, gaffer tape, pre-cut kits, and carpet tape.

So, use this tape as an alternative to paint and improve safety. We are the best manufacturer of Floor Marking Tape in India that offers tapes in bulk quantity at affordable prices.

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