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Double-sided adhesive tape refers to any kind of pressure sensitive adhesive tape coated with adhesive on both sides. The tape is specifically designed to stick two surfaces together in a way that isn’t visible on the end product. This is because of the tapes application i.e. it is usually used between objects as opposed to overlaying them. The main purpose of using double-sided adhesive tape is offering neater looking projects i.e. paintings. It would be impossible to produce neat paintings without using double-sided adhesive tape. The tape, therefore, promotes better craftsmanship.

We deliver the Double Sided Adhesive Tape in Delhi for affixing, joining and bonding. Whether you want to affix a carpet on the floor temporarily or mount a mirror to the wall or hang up a picture without using nails and want it not to be permanent for many years then the double-sided adhesive tapes are the best for you. This tape is used for various purposes and by craftspeople and in industrial applications. This is the right solution for sticking the things for the shorter period of time. The tape provides specific features according to the components used within a tape. The tape features are defined by various factors including the type of primers, adhesives, and backings used and can be modified according to the demands of an application.

These tapes are very easy and simple to apply on the back side of objects and thus, not visible. They are very suitable particularly for putting up posters and affixing decorative items. This adhesive solution is a great way to replace the need for drilling. So, now there is no need to destroy or damage your beautiful walls and causing dirt, just simply use a double-sided adhesive tape.

Being the renowned manufacturer and supplier of Double Sided Adhesive Tape in India we make sure to offer the high standardized double-sided adhesive tape to fulfill all your requirements. Let us have a look at the structure of Double Sided Adhesive Tape.

It comprises several functional layers. The double-sided adhesive layer can be applied on either or both sides of the surface. The double-sided adhesive tape includes the following three components.


Most of the main features of a double-sided tape are associated with backing. If your surfaces are rough then use thicker foam tapes and for the transparent bonding use thinner film tapes.


It is the vital component for the application and removal of the process. Liner covers the adhesive system. At Sonison Packaging limited we have the liner with various features to meet your needs.

Adhesive System

The right adhesive can be chosen according to the type of materials and surfaces that are to be bond.

Double-sided adhesive tapes are very useful for decorating home and for the handicrafts lover. Earlier the adhesive strips were visible but now you can hide adhesive tape and make it invisible for getting the perfect finishing of your object.

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