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The packing tapes that are used in sealing cartons for inventory management, shipping and moving traditionally come in the standard brown or transparent color. Those packing tapes do the job, but it has been established that colored packaging tapes could make things easier. Colored packing tape has the same high holding power as the non-colored variety, and it also adheres well to various surfaces such as fiberboard, corrugated cartons, film and paper; however, the colors are the deal-makers. They could be used as a labeling tool, which would enable you to keep the cartons organized.


Colored packing tapes usually have rubber-resin hot melt adhesive which offers ideal flexibility and bond to the surface swiftly. This tape is also perfect for packing medium as well as heavyweight storage cartons. If you require these tapes then contact us, we are the Colored Packing Tape Manufacturer in Delhi that delivers your bulk order on time. Besides the tensile strength, this is reliable and rapid adhesion that requires no heat to make it stick. Colored packing tapes also have acrylic, which is also mostly used variety of adhesive. The main feature of acrylic is that it provides extremely good durability and performance even when subjected to UV rays and moisture.

Performance, Size & Color

Mid-grade polypropylene film is widely used in most of the colored packing tapes which are durable, high tensile strength, and abrasion resistant. This material is furthermore burst resistant. You can’t tear these tapes with hands that’s why they are used with automatic case sealers or dispensers. So, all these features along with the hot melt feature make this tape the perfect one for warehousing, manufacturing and also for shipping. For any inquiry contact us, we are the best Colored Packing Tape Manufacturer in India which produce the reliable and high-quality of products.

Although colored packing tapes differ in widths, usually the preferred one variety is of 2-inch. If you would like to purchase in bulk then you could get the tapes in widths of 3/8, ½, 1, 1.5, 3 and 4 inches. In such situations generally, buyers prefer to opt for one color only. The commonly used colors are blue, black, red, green, white, pink, orange, purple, and yellow.

Practical Use of Colored Packing Tapes

Packing tapes are broadly utilized as a part of keeping packages or bundles secured especially when moving or sending, however, the colored ones are particularly helpful in light of the fact that they guarantee proficiency. With colored packing tapes, you can undoubtedly actualize a naming arrangement of sorts. It would be a simple method to sort out your packages or bundles. During inventory management, there would need to nearly read and analyze the substance after the underlying naming. Warehousing would be more proficient due to item association and separation.

Transportation and conveyance could be speedier too, in light of quicker item distinguishing proof. You could likewise utilize the colors to demonstrate the logistics organization that would deal with specific bundles. These tapes could be helpful in moving too in light of the fact that they empower you to sort out your things and let you know out and out about the sort of things that a specific box should contain. You could set it such that a specific shading could demonstrate the crate that contains things for a specific room.

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